(Work In Progress)

July 1779, New York City

Except for attending parties and balls with the handsome British officers occupying New York, Betty Floyd wants nothing to do with the war. She reluctantly accompanies her mother to nurse rebel prisoners but is confused by their desire for independence and her Uncle William’s service in the Continental Congress.

But when a prisoner is brutally killed at the hands of his captors, Betty wants answers. Her Quaker cousin, Robert Townsend, shares his involvement with a secret group of spies known as the Culper Ring, convincing Betty that her connections with British military leaders, especially with the handsome Major John Andre, General Clinton’s new Director of Intelligence, could make a crucial difference in the outcome of the war. And to Betty,  perhaps they are a way to avenge the prisoner’s needless death.

Despite her fears, Betty takes on the role of Patriot spy, all the while maintaining the façade of the naive Loyalist socialite. But as she charms Major Andre and closes in on Benedict Arnold’s plans to deliver West Point to the British, the slightest mistake could cost her everything.

Based on the true story of the Culper Ring and Agent 355, known as the “lady who would outwit them all.”