Hi and welcome! I’ll jump right in today by telling you about a book I read last weekend called The Incredible Rescue by Martin W. Sandler. It’s a true story about a brave group of men who set out to rescue 265 whalers, trapped in the Arctic in 1897. The whalers’ ships were trapped in the massive ice floes in northern Alaska, and US President McKinley ordered three men to go after them. But no ship would be able to get through all that ice for months. Instead, the men would have to travel on foot over 1700 miles in the middle of winter, through mostly unmapped territory, facing impossible odds. If you like stories about real heroes who’ve done unbelievable things to save others, you’ll love this book. Loaded with photographs taken during the journey, the author explains in detail how the men managed to travel so far in below-zero temperatures, and how their tireless dogs and even reindeer played a role. Until I read this book, I’d never heard of this amazing rescue, but this is a story well worth reading and worth knowing. I hope you’ll check it out, and let me know what you think of it.

Have you read a book, fiction or nonfiction, about a rescue? What is the title, and what did you like about it?