Extreme Explorers

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the first person in history to do something? A task so great, a feat so dangerous, that no one has ever been brave enough to attempt it?    516HicRv4LL__SY300_ In Extreme Exploration by John Malam, part of the Difficult and Dangerous series, you can read about men and women who dared to venture into uncharted land and seas:

  • Ferdinand Magellan and his crew, the first men to sail around the world,
  • David Livingstone, who set out to bring Christianity to Africa
  • Mary Kingsley, the Victorian woman who explored Western Africa and lived with cannibals
  • Ernest Shackleton, the Antarctica explorer who survived a shipwreck and extreme conditions
  • Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon

Extreme Exploration is loaded with full color drawings, quotes, and photos. It's a fun, quick read into some of history's most famous adventurers.