Could you do this?

With years of experience climbing and exploring America’s rugged western mountains, canyons, and plateaus, Aron Ralston never dreamed he’d suddenly be fighting for his life in the depths of Utah’s Blue John Canyon. But the unthinkable had happened. On a solitary, day-long hike into the canyon on a Saturday afternoon, Aron climbed off a boulder that suddenly broke loose and pinned his right arm against the rock wall. For five days, he tried everything he could think of to release his arm, using every tool and rope in his backpack. He filmed a goodbye for his family with his camcorder, hoping someone would eventually find it if he died. But then, with a new will to live, Aron Ralston did the only thing he could do to escape.

Between a Rock

In his book, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” Aron recounts the details of his captivity deep in the canyon, his brave decision, and his climb out of the canyon—bleeding, dehydrated, and exhausted. With full-color photographs of Aron during his previous climbing and hiking adventures and those he took during the five days in the canyon, this book is an amazing true tale of survival against all odds.