A little trivia of Titanic proportions

Last time, I talked about my writing process while writing The Stars in April, a novel based on a true story about twelve-year-old Titanic survivor Ruth Becker. As you can imagine, a great deal of research was necessary. I thought you might be interested to know some things I learned about the ship and its passengers, so here are some fun facts. Others, including pictures, can be found on my Titanic Treasury page. More pictures, quotes and facts will be added there periodically. Tickets: A single first class ticket cost about $430. The two deluxe parlor suites cost $3,300. Second class tickets averaged $65, and a third class berth averaged around $35.

Food: The Titanic carried around 75,000 pounds of fresh meat, 40,000 eggs, 1,500 gallons of milk, 200 barrels of flour, 10,000 pounds of sugar, 40 tons of potatoes, and 1,750 quarts of ice cream.

Cargo: In addition to passengers’ belongings, the ship’s hold also carried 12 cases of ostrich plumes, 300 cases of shelled walnuts, 25 cases of sardines, 4 cases of straw hats, 63 cases of champagne, 2 barrels of mercury, 25 cases of olive oil, 2 grandfather clocks, and one new Renault.

Passengers: 329 first class (5 children), 285 second class (22 children), and 710 third class (76 children).


Madeleine and John Jacob Astor and their dog, Kitty.

Crew: 892 crew members, including some as young as 14. They worked as bellboys carrying luggage, pageboys running errands and delivering telegrams, and liftboys running the elevators.

What would you like to know about the Titanic? Ask me in the comments section and  I’ll see if I can find the answer!

Next Wednesday, we’ll take a break from all this Titanic talk and explore the beginnings of the “Motown Sound” right here in Detroit. Please come back and find out how you can win two free books!