Thoughts for the Season - Week 3


Author of numerous novels and loved for his many contributions to classic English literature, Charles Dickens experienced an unhappy and difficult childhood. He was born in Portsmouth England in 1812, and was pulled from school at a young age when his father was imprisoned for unpaid debts. He worked in a factory under appalling conditions, lonely and without family to care for him. He eventually returned to school, but wrote about the experience in the novels David Copperfield and Great Expectations.


He began his writing career as a journalist and in addition to his novels, wrote for several newspapers, edited weekly periodicals, wrote travel books and plays, and helped oversee several charitable organizations. He traveled extensively and lectured in the United States against slavery. Charles Dickens died of a stroke at age 58 and is buried at Westminster Abbey.

Thoughts for the Season - Week 2

This week's Christmas quote comes from author Taylor Caldwell.

 Taylor Caldwell wrote over 100 novels, many of them best sellers. Born in England in 1900, she won an award for an essay at age six about Charles Dickens. At seven, she moved to America with her family, and wrote her first novel by the time she turned twelve. Her novels sold well throughout her career, and she signed a two-novel deal at the age of 79 for nearly $4 million. She died at age 85.

Taylor Caldwell

Thoughts for the Season

During the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, we're going to take a break from the Titanic posts. Instead, each week I'd like to share a word about Christmas from one of my favorite authors. None of the posts will take more than a minute to read, but hopefully the words of one or two will touch your heart and remain there.

May you each have a blessed and joyous Christmas.