South Pole, anyone?

51Z3Mp2TioL“...if you wanted to go somewhere unknown, there was still one place left. Just one. The great white blank at the bottom of the map. Antarctica!” Have you ever wanted to explore a place where no one has ever gone before? That’s exactly how “Cherry” Garrard felt back in the spring of 1910. He left England for Antarctica, returned home three years later, and wrote a book called The Worst Journey in the World. Now, author Richard Farr takes us back on that unbelievable true journey as experienced by Cherry in Emperors of the Ice.

Robert Falcon Scott, the leader of the expedition, was determined to be the first man ever to reach the South Pole and claim it for Great Britain. He selected a group of capable, able-bodied men to accompany him: scientists in search of Emperor penguins, sailors, and explorers like himself—men with the experience and skills necessary to survive the grueling conditions.

So how did he choose funny Cherry Garrard, a well-to-do younger man, with poor eyesight and barely even any athletic ability? What happened to him and to the rest of the group? How did they manage to reach the South Pole with temperatures ranging from 50 to 77 below zero? Get Emperors of the Ice and find out. Bundle up, though . . . the photos alone will make you shiver!