an adventure of your own

Let’s talk about adventures of our own today. Have you ever gone exploring and seen something you never expected? On a recent visit to Bancroft, Ontario, my husband and I took a walk with a friend through a huge park. As the trail narrowed and became steeper, I began to wonder two things: if we could find our way back to the car, and if the climb was even worth it. What would we find at the end of the trail? But we weren't disappointed. The sound of a waterfall reached our ears, even before we could see it. It made the effort and a few mosquito bites worth it. I realize this was not an adventure like the ones in the books we’ve looked at recently. But to me, it was new and interesting and unexpected, and that made it an adventure! 015

The world is full of surprises, and we’ll be on the lookout for stories of current adventures as summer approaches, whether in the news, books, or in our own backyard. What about you? If you’ve had a mini-adventure lately, or even an exciting or dangerous one, or if you’re planning an adventure, I’d love to feature your story on the blog :)